Working Parents

I really don’t know how people “balance” raising small kids and working full time. The most stressful thing about having kids was how I was going to find time to care for them; be there when they’re sick, pick them up from daycare on time. I had severe “mom guilt” from dropping off my 6 month old at daycare so I could go back to seeing patients full time. I was always blaming myself whenever the babies had diaper rash or any ailment associated with being a raised in a daycare environment.

Maybe we all go through this when they are young, and as they get older we forgive ourselves for being absent by justifying why we weren’t there for them in their childhood. I always thought, if I show my kids that working hard is a skill and virtue, they’ll appreciate all that they accomplish through their own hard work one day. I don’t think that anymore.

My kids always ask me when my next day off is and why am I working every Saturday. They don’t want the financially responsible answer. They just want my undivided time and attention. Deservedly so.

I went into optometry wanting a good work/life balance as well as a more specialized patient care environment. There is a special joy one feels when you can transform someone’s life though vision. I feel privileged to be a part of the profession and ultimately, I want to give back to my community through LUXE Optometry.

So now, I want to show my kids: yes work hard, but work hard for the purpose of giving back to those around you. It won’t feel like work and it won’t feel so hard if there’s a true purpose behind it.

You always hear people say to “write your goals down” and “you’re more likely to achieve your goals if you write it down and look at it everyday”. My goal for LUXE Optometry is to be the best optometric eyecare practice in the area. I want to give unparalleled care/service to all, offer high quality eyewear to patients, use the latest technology and exam equipment, be up-to-date on the most current therapies related to eye care/vision, and inspire future generations of eye care practitioners through mentoring.

I bring this very personal topic to the blog to praise all the hard working parents out there. Trying to start a small business/ raise a family/ reach those goals/ take care of everything around you … I see you!

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