Day One or One Day…

It was March 2022, and my daughter wanted to go eat breakfast somewhere on her birthday. So I found somewhere close by, that was open at 7 am (my kids wake up super early). After we finish our breakfast pancakes, bacon, and a whole lot of coffee for me, we head out to the parking lot when I realize something… WOW this is a really nice plaza…wonder if a private Optometry practice would do well here.

So naturally I turn to my kids and take a poll. It’s a pretty important question. Probably the most important question I’d ask myself.

“Should mommy open up her own office here??”

In unison, my kids scream “YEAH!!!!!!!!!”

So first things first… Is there even a lease space available?

We walked around the plaza until we came across a unit that looked empty; no sign, empty interior, lock on the outer doors. With some investigating, I found out that Supercuts had left that particular spot and was currently negotiating their exit.

The commercial real estate gods had sent me a sign!

I was always the type to think “One day I’ll do this, one day I’ll do that”. Always wondering how nice it would be to open up a beautiful practice of my own, be my own boss, and build an private optical that had the latest technology in eye care, luxury eyewear brands, and practice the full scope of optometry on my own terms. I was always the person to think “One Day”. But today, I was not that person. Today is not “one day”… today is Day 1.

Future home of my first private practice