It takes an army

When it comes to raising a family, it definitely take a village. But when it comes to starting a business, it takes an army. I’ve never spoken / emailed/ texted with so many people in my life. I’ve read books on building a brand and reached out to doctors who have open multiple practices cold. Even looking at the world, I see it a little bit differently now.

The greatest part of this journey has been meeting wonder human beings in person. Personally, I don’t like zoom or virtual meetings. There always seems to be an invisible barrier or filter that blocks true connection. Speaking to someone one on one for the first time, and finding commonality in subjects like luxury eyewear, practice management, and patient care has brought me a lot of personal and professional joy. I love getting lost in conversations about similar passions.

I’ve often wondered how much of success is luck such as, what kind of family connections you’re born into, and how much of it is hard work and grit. Some will say its a little of both, but I think success can look different for everyone, so there can’t be a singular root for success itself.

What is your definition of success? I was asked this and it took me a long time to answer. I still don’t know if my answer is 100% accurate.

I also believe our own definition of success is ever evolving with time. It’s very easy to compare our successes with one another especially in the age of social media. In all honesty, I’ve been jealous of others when I see those posts.

If I was an engineer, I’d create an app that made everyone compete for who could grab the most ”nice points” aka ”noints”. Instead of brag posts about expensive cars and purses, you’d post about doing something genuinely kind for someone, and everyone would vote on how many ”noints” to give you. Top 3 winning posts via picture/video/text would be shared and highlighted the next day. Hopefully it would gain popularity and big name sponsors would actually offer up secret prizes to the top 3 posts. Look out for my app NOI in the app store! hahaha I kid…

I’m a believer in karma and paying it forward. I will do my best to be kind and generous to others because I know there will be those around me who will extend the same courtesy without any hidden motive. Good people are out there willing to help you out of pure kindness. Some may think this naive, but I try to be optimistic especially when times are hard.

Ultimately this post is a big THANK YOU to my army. To all those helping me on my entrepreneurial journey: I’m truly grateful and I thank you.